Boötes Field Layout

The positions of the sub-fields are located here. A rough lay-out of how the fields fall on the sky is below. Note that the SE corner was never part of the proposed survey.

A giff format image of the POSS DSS data of the Boötes Field is shown here.

Boötes Field

NDWFS J1437+3532

NDWFS J1434+3531

NDWFS J1431+3531

NDWFS J1428+3531

NDWFS J1426+3531

NDWFS J1437+3457

NDWFS J1434+3456

NDWFS J1431+3456

NDWFS J1428+3456

NDWFS J1426+3456

NDWFS J1437+3422

NDWFS J1434+3421

NDWFS J1431+3421

NDWFS J1428+3421

NDWFS J1426+3421

NDWFS J1437+3347

NDWFS J1434+3346

NDWFS J1431+3346

NDWFS J1428+3346

NDWFS J1426+3346

NDWFS J1434+3311

NDWFS J1431+3311

NDWFS J1428+3311

NDWFS J1426+3311

NDWFS J1431+3236

NDWFS J1428+3236

NDWFS J1426+3236