Reducing Your Data


See Outline in Left Frame. The steps outlined in this section describe how you can use IRAF (and tasks included in IRAF) to perform basic and more advanced calibrations/reductions of your Mosaic images. This cook-book is aimed at reducing data taken specificly with the two NOAO Mosaic cameras, but the general approach (and in fact the software) have successfully been used to reduce images taken with other Mosaic cameras (including images made with the CFHT12K, the Palomar Mosaic camera, etc..).

Some of the reduction steps in this guide must be done in a particular order (for example the cross-talk correction described in these notes must be the first modification made to the raw images). However others, like the updating of the world coordinate system, could be done at an earlier or later time that we describe in these notes. We try to make clear when the order matters.