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NDWFS Source Naming Conventions

We have registered with the IAU "Clearing House" of Comission 5 Working Group on Designations the following naming convention for sources detected in the NDWFS images. We use these names for objects listed in our catalogues and for the optical and/or IR sources that will be detected in future editions of our catalogues. Details of the registered acronym can be found at http://cdsweb.u-strasbg.fr/cgi-bin/Dic?NDWFS.

Our sources are given names of the form:


For sources detected in more than one band, the RA and DEC used in the name is constructed from the J2000 position in the R-band image. Many sources are not detected in all bands. We have adopted the following order for which band should be used for deriving the name of the source if the higher priority band has a none detection. R-band, Bw-band, I-band, then K-band.

Some Examples of source names:

NDWFS J143423.2+343023 would be the proper name for a source with a J2000 position of RA=14h34m23.22s DEC=+34deg30min23.2sec
NDWFS J020514.2-045811 would be the proper name for a source with a J2000 position of RA=02h05m14.24s DEC=-04deg58min11.6sec

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