Filters for the Mosaic Cameras (8K x 8K CCD)


Rogier Windhorst and collaborators at Arizona State University are making available to users of MOSAIC-1 at the Mayall 4m telescope and NOAO time on the Kitt Peak 0.9m telescope eleven medium band filters designed to avoid the brightest and most variable night sky lines. The September 2001 issue of the NOAO newsletter (see page 34) contains an article describing the filters along with references describing their past use by Windhorst and collaborators. A figure showing the throughput curves for the filters is available via the link below. The entire ASU/Windhorst filter set includes 15 filters covering from 3370 angstroms to 9730 angstroms. The filters "Windhorst XXXXXXX a" through "Windhorst XXXXX k" in the following list of Mosaic filters (by serial number these are k1051 through k1061 in the list) can be requested for use at the Mayall during the 2003A semester. They are currently NOT available for use during the 2002B or 2003B semesters when they will be used at other telescopes by Windhorst et al.. Several people have asked if the filters might be available for use with MOSAIC-2 and the CTIO 4m. They might be available subject to the prior scheduling commitments on the Kitt Peak telescopes and the MMT. Users interested in arranging to use the filters, if schedule allows, at CTIO should contact Rogier Windhorst at ASU to negotiate terms of use.

The BATC filter set belongs to Dr. Rogier Windhorst of Arizona State University. Observers wishing to use these filters should request permission to use these filters from Dr. Windhorst ( prior to submitting their proposals to the NOAO TAC. Dr. Windhorst will inform NOAO when he has given approval for use of the filter. Please make clear in your request to Dr. Windhorst the following information: Proposed Telescope/Instrument; PI of intended proposal; General Science goals of the proposal.

Rogier Windhorst has provided the following figure showing the transmission of the ASU/Windhorst filter set, Click Here . Note that the filters are labeled a through k, m through p, these short "letter" names being listed in the "master list" (see below), which will allow you to match the filters to the wavelength name. For example, "a" corresponds to filter "337 BATC", etc..

In this directory are located asci files containing the transmission of these filters as a function of wavelength. See the "README" file for additional information (in some browsers the text in the README file will show up at the end of the file listing).

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