Kitt Peak National Observatory R&D Technical Memoranda

These reports are cataloged in the NOAO Library under QB4.K551.
No. 1 - Stuart, F.E. and Bass. 1983. Preliminary Evaluation of Cooled T.I. TC101 Linear Silicon Array.
No. 2 - Stuart, F.E. 1983. Summary of Test Results on GEC CCDs.
No. 3 - Fowler, A.M. and Britt, J.P. 1983. InSb Array Technology in Astronomy at Kitt Peak National Observatory.
No. 4 - Fowler, A.M., et al. 1983. Evaluation of a PtSi Schottky IRCCD for Astronomy.
No. 5 - Stuart, F.E. 1983. Diffusing Fluorescent Coatings for UV Enhancement of CCD Sensitivity with Reduced Degradation of Resolution.
No. 6 - Stuart, F.E. 1984. The Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometer.
No. 7 - Stuart, F.E. 1985. Evaluation of a Si:Bi AMCID IR Array.

NOAO Advanced Development Program R&D Notes

These reports are cataloged in the NOAO Library under QB4.K553.
84-1 - Beckers, J.M. Comments on a Program of Active Wavefront Correction in the Optical and Infrared.
84-2 - Beckers, J.M. and Shu, K.L. Tolerancing and Limiting Accuracies and Precisions of NNTT-MMT Coalignment/Cophasing System.
84-3 - Beckers, J.M. Comments on Interferometric Arrays.
85-1 - Roddier, F. Research Proposal on a Flexible Adaptive Mirror for Real Time Atmospheric Compensation.
85-2 - Roddier, F. Effect of Real Time Atmospheric Compensation on IR Background Noise.
85-3 - Roddier, F. The Rotating Soft Knife Edge Wavefront Sensor.
85-4 - Roddier, F. Mechanical Vibration Constraints on a Long Baseline Michelson Interferometer.
85-5 - Roddier, F. Least Square Estimation of a Wavefront Zernike Expansion from a Rotating Knife-Edge Sensor.
85-6 - Beckers, J., Eisenhardt, P., Goad, L., and Roddier, F. Notes on Selection of Wavefront Sensor for Adaptive Optics Project
85-7 - Kibblewhite, E. The Design of CCD Array Cameras for the NNTT.
85-8 - Beckers, J.M. and Shu, K.L. Optics System for Adaptive Optics Experiment.
85-9 - Beckers, J.M. Parameters for Light Source for NNTT C^2S.
86-1 - Beckers, J.M., Davies, R.L., and Seitzer, P.O. Concept Study for: A Deep Polar Spectroscopic Survey.
86-2 - Beckers, J.M. Atmospheric Dispersion Compensator.
86-3 - Beckers, J.M. Galaxy Intensity Profiles and DEEPS Slit Widths.
86-3a - Shaklan, S., and Roddier, F. Coupling Light into Single Mode Fiber Optics.
86-4 - Beckers, J.M. New Mexico Site for DEEPS.
87-1 - Roddier, F. A New Concept in Adaptive Optics: Curvature Sensing and Correction.
87-2 - Shaklan, S. and Roddier, R. Computer Simulation of Imaging through the Atmosphere.
87-3 - Roddier, F. Curvature Sensing: A Diffraction Theory.
88-1 - Beckers, J.M. Hartmann-Shack Wavefront Sensors Using Extended, Structure Objects.
88-2 - Shaklan, S. Fiber Optic Multiple-Beam Correlator Architectures for Interferometry.
88-3 - Beckers, J.M., Barr, L.D., and Pearson, E. Concept Description of Liquid Cooled ULE Mirrors.