Gamma Ray Burst 981226

A 15 arcminute excerpt from the POSS plates is here in FITS format. (Thanks to John Lee for preparing this.)

The burst is at Galactic coordinates 38.232, -71.299

Observations at Kitt Peak

BeppoSAX has reported a 6 arcmin diameter error box for this burst. John Lee (Yale) has observed the burst with the KPNO 0.9m telescope and the 8192x8192 CCD Mosaic Camera in the R band on 1998 Dec 27 and 28 (UT). Keivan Stassun (U Wisconsin) has observed on 1998 Dec 29.

In addition, Jerry Orosz (Penn State) has observed the burst at the 2.1 meter telescope in R band (981227 and 981228 UT) and I band (981229 UT).

Processed 0.9m images are available from . The images are 2048x2048 pixel excerpts from the combined Mosaic frames. The pixel scale is approximately 0.42 arcsec/pixel so the field is about 14.4 arcminutes across. It is centered on the BeppoSAX WFC GRB location.
Any scientific use of this data should credit John Lee, Keivan Stassun, and James Rhoads, on behalf of the KPNO GRB Followup Team.

Further observations may be obtained.

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