Gamma Ray Burst 971227 observations at NOAO

Ted von Hippel (U. Wisconsin) and Scott Miller (U. Maryland) have observed the field of the Gamma Ray Burst 971227 with the Kitt Peak 0.9m and 2048^2 (T2KA) CCD. The field of view is ~23' x 23', covering both the initial SAX coordinates and the revised SAX coordinates of 1SAX J1257.3+5924 reported by Piro et al. on 29 Dec 1997 in an IAUC.

The processed (de-biased, but not flat-fielded) and registered and combined 3600s R-band FITS image is now available via anonymous ftp on this site anonymous FTP from

If you use these data in a publication, please acknowledge von Hippel and Miller and the observatory. That acknowledgement is something like: This work uses data obtained by Ted von Hippel and Scott Miller for the Kitt Peak National Observatory GRB followup team using the KPNO 0.9 meter telescope. Kitt Peak National Observatory, National Optical Astronomy Observatories, is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. (AURA) under cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation.

-Ted von Hippel, on behalf of the Kitt Peak National Observatory GRB followup team.

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