Gamma Ray Burst 971024

The RXTE All-Sky Monitor detected a weak burst on 24 October 1997. Buell Jannuzi and Arjun Dey imaged the error box on the nights of 25 October and 26 October (civil time) using the KPNO 4m and the prime focus Mosaic imager, providing a 35 arcminute field of view. On each night we obtained five 10 minute exposures in the R-band. The first night's observations were obtained under apparently photometric conditions (still need to reduce our data and standards). The seeing was poor (1.5" and 2" FWHM). Reduced and binned (2x2 block averaged of the original 8k x 8k) images are now available via the NOAO Web page.

Data links

Following are links to GRB 971024 followup data obtained at Kitt Peak. This page is under active development. If you use the images, we would appreciate appropriate acknowledgements.

4 meter Mayall telescope

For this burst, we request that you state that the Kitt Peak data were obtained by the NOAO Deep Widefield Survey team (Jannuzi, Dey et al) using the CCD Mosaic camera at the KPNO 4m telescope.

The data are available by Anonymous FTP .

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