Gamma Ray Burst 970828

Linked here are a Postscript format finder chart showing HST guide star locations near GRB 970828, and a FITS format Second Palomar Sky Survey image of the GRB 970828 field. Both are 20 by 20 arcminutes, with North at the top and East at the left. The decimal degree coordinates are shown on the finder chart.

The error box and coordinates were based on information supplied by Valerie Connaughton, based on observations by the ASM instrument on the Rossi X-ray Timing Experiment satellite. An error annulus from BACODINE/IPN is now shown too.

X-ray afterglow has now been detected by PCA on RXTE.

Data links

Following are links to GRB 970828 followup data obtained at Kitt Peak. This page is under active development. If you use the images, we would appreciate appropriate acknowledgements. (A more polished suggested acknowledgement for each data set should be here in a day or three.)

0.6 meter Burrell Schmidt telescope

Paul Smith (NOAO) has obtained R band followup with the Burrell Schmidt telescope on the night of August 29th local time (Aug 30 UT). The reduced images (four frames, 10,10,20,20 minutes) can be found by Anonymous FTP . North is to the right, East at the bottom in these images. The field of view is 69 arcminutes.

0.9 meter telescope

Jerry Orosz (Penn State) has obtained R band followup with the 0.9 meter telescope. The reduced images (three R band frames, each 1000 seconds, taken Aug 30 UT) can be found by Anonymous FTP . If you make use of these images in counterpart searches or publications, please acknowledge Dr. Orosz. The telescope was used in f/13.5 mode, with a 13 arcminute field of view. Details of the exposures:
image name     UT of start     date         exp time     telescope
R1.fits        03:47:29.00     30/08/97     1000.         0.9m
R2.fits        04:22:15.00     30/08/97     1000.         0.9m
R3.fits        06:32:21.00     30/08/97     1000.         0.9m

3.5 meter WIYN telescope

Chris Howk (U Wisconsin) has obtained data at the WIYN telescope (using Wisconsin time). The people responsible for the data reduction were Andrew Cole, Chris Howk, DJ Pisano and Christopher J. Conselice. Again, please acknowledge their use appropriately if you use them. These images are available by anonymous ftp from NOAO or from Wisconsin. The camera has a 6.8 arcminute field of view. Details of the exposures:
image name     UT of start     date         exp time  telescope  Seeing
GRB_R1.fits    5:10            30/08/97     600.      WIYN       0.8 arcec
GRB_R2.fits    7:40            30/08/97     900.      WIYN       1.2 arcec

Other GRB 970828 information on the Web

Additional information about burst 970828 can be found on the web. These links are listed here as a public service; they are not related to NOAO. If you know of other GRB 970828 material online, feel free to send us mail about it.

IAU Circular links here are only accessible from the NOAO network; sorry.

IAU Circulars numbers 6726, 6727, 6728, 6729, 6730, 6731, 6732, and 6735.

Images from the Whipple Observatory, provided by K. Z. Stanek, M. R. Garcia, and M. Krockenberger, are available by ftp and http. See IAU circular 6735 for details. The web link also includes data for GRB 970815, which we were unable to observe at Kitt Peak.

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