Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) at NOAO using the 2.1m Telescope

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yellow ball This is a K-band (2.2 micron) image of the nuclear region of Comet Hyakutake on March 29. It has been processed by subtracting the gross underlying structure of the comet to highlight the structure in the coma. Several jets are seen surrounding the nucleus, and the tail exhibits one of the `knots' seen in the optical. The pixel size is 0.2 arc seconds, and this picture is about one arc minute square. This image was taken on the Kitt Peak 2.1m telescope with the ALADDIN 1024x1024 InSb array and NOAO IR&D camera, by Al Fowler (NOAO), Ian Gatley (NOAO), Arne Henden (USNO/USRA), and Frederick Vrba (USNO).

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