Comet C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp) at the KPNO Visitor Center 16" Telescope

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The following set of images of Hale-Bopp were taken with the Meade LX200 16" reflector on Kitt Peak that is housed in a dome adjacent to the Visitor Center. The field size of these CCD images is roughly 10 x 7 arcmins using a focal reducer, with North to the top and East to the left. Unless otherwise noted the pictures were taken by Adam Block as part of the NOAO Public Evening Observing Program on Kitt Peak. For more deep sky images visit the NOAO Advanced Observing Program.

Hale-Bopp picture This image of Hale-Bopp is a 10-second exposure showing some jets. The image was taken on Friday, February 1, 1997.

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Updated: 25Feb1997