NOAO < NEWS < KOSMOS has arrived at the Mayall 4-meter

KOSMOS (Kitt Peak Ohio State Multi-Object Spectrograph) has arrived at the Mayall 4-meter

The Kitt Peak Ohio State Multi-Object Spectrograph (KOSMOS) and the Cerro Tololo Ohio State Multi-Object Spectrograph (COSMOS) are nearly identical spectrographs being developed simultaneously for use in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, on the Mayall and Blanco telescopes, respectively.

M 57 is imaged in red, green and in the light of hydrogen alpha. The red and green SDSSg’ and SDSSr’ filters are broader in wavelength coverage than the hydrogen alpha filter, which causes the stars to appear blue/green. The red line on the image shows the slit position used to acquire the spectrum shown below.

The spectrum of M57, with typical emission lines seen in the nebula identified

The development of KOSMOS and COSMOS is through a partnership between NOAO and The Ohio State University (OSU) and is funded through the NSF’s Renewing Small Telescopes for Astronomical Research (ReSTAR) Program.

Commissioning of KOSMOS on the Mayall 4-meter began in October; throughput is a factor of 2 better than the existing RC Spectrograph. The most current information on the expected KOSMOS/COSMOS capabilities as well as relevant technical documentation can be found on the NOAO System Technology Center KOSMOS page.