NSF delegation hears about the Dark Energy Camera inside the Blanco 4-m Coudé room. NOAO Deputy Director Robert Blum explains the size of the DECam optics to Dr. Subra Suresh, NSF Director. Also listening (from left to right), Maxime Boccas (Gemini Associate Director for Development), Dr. Steven Heathcote (SOAR Director), Dr. Anne-Marie Schmoltner (NSF Program Manager Office of International Science and Engineering), Dr. Gary Schmidt (NSF Gemini Program Officer), Dr. Alistair Walker (NOAO DECam Instrument Scientist), Dr. Brenna Flaugher (Fermi Lab, Project Manager for DECam), Dr. Chris Smith (NOAO Associate Director for CTIO), Dr. Jeffrey Pier (NSF NOAO Program Officer), Dr. Edward Seidel (NSF Assistant Director, Directorate of Math and Physical Sciences), and Dr. William Smith (AURA).