NSF delegation in front of the Victor M. Blanco 4-m telescope on Cerro Tololo. The group saw many improvements to the Blanco being made in advance of the Dark Energy Camera deployment later this year. They also saw much of the Dark Energy Camera itself which is being re-assembled now in Chile. Left to right: Dr. Anne-Marie Schmoltner (NSF Program Manager Office of International Science and Engineering), Dr. Steven Heathcote (SOAR Director), Dr. Jeffrey Pier (NSF NOAO Program Officer), Dr. Subra Suresh (NSF Director), Maxime Boccas (Gemini Associate Director for Development), Dr. Robert Blum (NOAO Deputy Director), Dr. Chris Smith (NOAO Associate Director for CTIO), Dr. Gary Schmidt (NSF Gemini Program Officer), Dr. William Smith (AURA President), Dr. Edward Seidel (NSF Assistant Director, Directorate for Math and Physical Sciences).