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Wild Stars in the Old West II

The 14th North American Workshop on Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
15-19 March 2009, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Tour of Kitt Peak National Observatory

Kitt Peak National Observatory is celebrating its 50th year of operation. Located just over an hour drive south west of Tucson, this famous international observatory is located at an altitude of approximately 2300m (7000 feet) and is home to over 20 telescopes ranging in size from 0.3-m to 4-m.

We will ride a bus to the mountain top, tour the facility, and eat lunch in the picnic area. We will leave friday morning at 8 AM (pickup just outside the meeting room on Cherry Ave.) and return to the same location by about 2 pm. The cost for the bus ride and box lunch will be $30 per person. You must reserve and pay for your Kitt Peak tour prior to the meeting registration deadline of 15 Jan. 2009. See the registration page.

If you wish to drive yourself, you may, but be advised that there is no food available at the observatory for visitors other than vending machines. So you will be responsible for your own lunch. To join the tour, meet the bus riders at the Kitt Peak visitor center at 9:30 AM.


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