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Registration Form (ABGradCon: Jan. 7 to Jan. 10, 2004)

Registration Forms are due by Dec 10, 2003

Note: Required fields are designated with an *.

Registration Information
First Name: * Last Name: * Name and 2 to 3 word description of your research on badge (i.e. Martian Hydrologist):
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T-shirt size (pay for it at the conference, $10):

During the conference we will have a group discussion on various aspects of graduate student education and professional development in astrobiology, some of which will be provided as written feedback to NAI. For example:

  • Should there be an NAI listserv and how should this be managed?
  • How can we increase student involvement at all astrobiology conferences?
  • Should formal interdepartmental seminars, field trips or other events be offered at all NAI Universities?
  • Should primary field course requirements be altered to accomodate interdisciplinary work?
  • How can we start planning for the next AbGradCon?

Please enter any other concerns/ideas that you would like to discuss about graduate astrobiology education here:

Poster Information

All are welcome to bring posters. They should be 4' by 4' or smaller. If you've already applied to present a poster then do not re-enter your abstract here.

Will you be bringing a poster? Yes No *

If so, please provide a brief (100 words or less) abstract:

Questions? Contact Margaret Turnbull at (520) 270-8986 or by e-mail:

NOAO >   Meetings >   ABGradCon >   Registration Form

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