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The Eventful Universe

The Eventful Universe

March 17-20, 2010
Tucson, AZ

March 17

17:00-19:00 Reception

The rest of the program for March 17, 2010

March 18

08:00 Breakfast (provided)

08:45 Standard Introduction & Welcome

I. Looking For Interesting Stuff

09:00 Palomar Transient Factory
Shri Kulkarni

09:30 Transients in the Local Universe
Mansi M Kasliwal

09:45 Pan-STARRS in the Era of Wide-Field Time-Domain Surveys
Armin Rest

10:15 Killer Asteroids and Exploding Galaxies—The Catalina Sky Survey and the Catalina Real Time Transient Survey
Edward Beshore

10:45 Break (provided)

11:15 Exploring the Time Domain With the Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey
George Djorgovski

11:30 Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope: Where are we? Where are we going?
Timothy M. Brown

12:00 Lunch (provided)

II. Things That Can Be Seen Really, Really Far Away

01:30 Scratching Decadal Itches with Gamma-Ray Bursts
Joshua S. Bloom

02:00 The Calan/Tololo Supernova Survey
Mark Phillips

02:15 Massive Star Outbursts and Their Optical Transients
Nathan Smith

02:30 Pretty Good Novae: Transients Intermediate Between Novae & Supernovae
Howard E. Bond

02:45 Radioactively Powered Optical Counterparts of Neutron Star Mergers
Brian Metzger

03:00 Break (provided)

03:30 Cataclysmic Variability of Galactic Nuclei
Michael Eracleous

III. Things That Aren’t So Far Away

04:00 Variable Stars: the Partially Known and the Totally Unknown
Paula Szkody

04:30 Variability According to Kepler
Steven B. Howell

March 19

IV. Things That Are Pretty Close

08:00 Breakfast (provided)

09:00 Fifty Years of the Variable Sun
Frank Hill

09:30 Our Hurtling, Whirling Solar System
Lynne Jones

10:00 Transient phenomena and variations in comets, asteroids, centaurs and trans-Neptunian objects
Beatrice Mueller

10:30 Break (provided)

11:00 Global Network for Planet Detection and Asteroseismology Study Using Extremely high Precision Extrasolar Planet Tracker Instruments
Jian Ge

V. Really Interesting Ways to Find Interesting Stuff

11:15 Transient Identification and Classification with WISE
Douglas Hoffman

11:30 WISE: Clear Views of Dark Objects
Roc Cutri

11:45 Reaching Out with Eventful Astronomy
Kirk Borne

12:00 Lunch (on your own)

01:30 SOFIA and Astronomical Transient Events
Dan Lester

01:45 Search for Hidden Baryons Through Scintillation
Marc Moniez

02:00 The Galaxy Viewed at Very Short Time-Scales with the Berkeley Visible Image Tube (BVIT)
Barry Welsh

02:15 Wide Field Radio Transient Surveys
Steve Croft

02:30 Break (provided)

VI. Breakout Sessions

03:00 The First Round of Two Parallel Breakout Sessions:

I. Future Telescope/Instrumentation Needs for Event Observation
Chair—Sidney Wolff

II. Using the Virtual Observatory to Communicate Events
Chair—Rob Seaman

March 20

08:00 Breakfast (provided)

09:00 The Second Round of Two Parallel Breakout Sessions:

I. Event Identification Software
Chair—Armin Rest

II. Coordinating Follow-up Observations of Events
Chair—Steve Howell

10:30 Break (provided)

11:00 Summary—Chairs Present Session Summaries

12:00 We’re Done


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