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DECam Community Workshop

DECam Community Science Workshop 2018: Science Highlights, Coming Opportunities, LSST Synergies

May 21-22, 2018 • Tucson, Arizona

Talk Abstracts

Exploring Reionization-Era Quasars with DESI Legacy imaging Survey and UKIRT Hemisphere Survey

Jinyi Yang

We are combining DESI Legacy imaging Survey with near-infrared surveys like UKIRT Hemisphere Survey (UHS), as well as Wide-field Infrared Survey Explore (WISE) mid-infrared survey to search distant quasars at the epoch of reionization era. In the past year, we have successfully discovered 15 quasars at z>6.5, doubled the number of previously known quasars at this redshift range and constructed the largest uniformly selected quasar sample at the reionization era. Using this sample, we measured the quasar luminosity function at z>6.5 for the first time. We are also working on the studies of cosmic reionization history and black hole growth based on this unique quasar sample.

Authors: Jinyi Yang, Xiaohui Fan, Feige Wang


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