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DECam Community Workshop

DECam Community Science Workshop 2018: Science Highlights, Coming Opportunities, LSST Synergies

May 21-22, 2018 • Tucson, Arizona

Talk Abstracts

The DESI Imaging Legacy Surveys [4.34 MB PDF]

Martin Landriau

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument will map 25 million galaxies and quasars out to redshift 3.5 over 14,000 deg2 of sky. It will also measure redshifts for 10 million additional bright (r<19.5) galaxies to create a dense map of the low-redshift Universe. In order to select targets, three ground-based surveys are being (or have been) carried out at three telescopes. I will describe these surveys, including the DECam Legacy Survey (DECaLS), which is using DECam to image the DESI footprint in the South galactic cap, and in the North galactic cap at dec<32. I will discuss our most recent data releases and describe our upcoming 7th data release which will consist of catalogues generated from data obtained from DECam through March of this year.

Authors: Martin Landriau


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