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Tools for Astronomical Big Data

Tools for Astronomical Big Data

Tucson, Arizona, March 9-11, 2015

Talk Abstracts (Submitted)

Wide Data vs. Big Data [28.23 MB PDF]

Alyssa Goodman

In life, more of the same isn't always better. Often, variety is more important. In Science, using more kinds of data, rather than just more data, often helps answer the hardest questions. In this talk, I will discuss tools for visualizing several data sets at once. In some cases, the visualizations are straightforward (such as overlaying layers imagery or catalog data on images, in tools like WorldWide Telescope or Aladin), but in other cases, more subtle "linked-view" visualization amongst data sets and visualization types yields the deepest insight (e.g. using tools like Glue). The talk will include demonstrations of software using real data sets, both large and small, and will illustrate why data diversity is at least as important a concept as data volume.

Authors: Alyssa Goodman


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