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NASA University of Arizona, Steward Observatory National Optical Astronomy Observatory

Astrobiology Graduate Conference

January 7-10, 2004

A conference organized for and by graduate students working in the many fields encompassed by the study of Astrobiology

Sponsored by the NASA Astrobiology Institute
University of Arizona, Steward Observatory and
National Optical Astronomy Observatory

To be held in Tucson, AZ, at the University of Arizona and Marriott Hotel

Who Should Attend?

All graduate students and postdocs who study topics related to the origin of life on Earth and the distribution of life in the Universe should attend this conference. Those who would like to present posters on their own work related to astrobiology are also invited to do so--just indicate on the registration form that you will be bringing a poster, and type in your abstract for the Conference Proceedings.


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NOAO >  Meetings >  ABGradCon