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NGC 210

NGC 210 is a rather strange galaxy due to its structure. The inner portion is very bright and the two dust lanes (just perceptible here) give way to spiral structure. Yet the outer two filamentary arms are almost disconnected, making the galaxy better described as a barred spiral. These ring-like galaxies have been studied by astronomers to better understand how various shapes of galaxies evolve. This galaxy is around 71 million light years away.

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Last Updated: 24-Feb-2014

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About This Image

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20in RC Optical Systems telescope Operating at f/8.1

Paramount ME Robotic Telescope Mount

SBIG ST10XME CCD camera with color filter wheel

LRGB color production was used to create this image.

Two iterations of L-R deconvolution (sharpening) algorithm using CCDsharp were applied to the luminance image.

Digital Development (DDP) via Maxim/DL was also used in order to display the very dim and very bright details of

the image simultaneously.

Luminance = 60 minutes binned 1x1

Red = 20 minutes binned 2x2

Green = 20 minutes binned 2x2

Blue = 20 minutes binned 2x2

Minimum credit line: Dale Cupp/Flynn Haase/NOAO/AURA/NSF