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NGC 1232

NGC 1232 is a "Grand Design" spiral galaxy not unlike M101. However, in this case the spiral arms are curiously bent and not gently curved as is more typically the case. This is most likely due to gravitation interactions with its neighbor (on the top in this image). It is almost as if the structure of the central bar of the galaxy has somehow been morphed into the structure of the arms (wild speculation!). NGC 1232 is approximately 70 million light years away.

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Last Updated: 04-Mar-2014

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About This Image

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16in RC Optical Systems telescope Operating at f/8.4

Paramount ME Robotic Telescope Mount

SBIG ST10XME CCD camera with color filter wheel

LRGB color production was used to create this image.

Very poor seeing. Under better conditions it would be possible to resolve the myriad of thin dust lanes in the center

of the galaxy.

Two iterations of L-R deconvolution (sharpening) algorithm using CCDsharp were applied to the luminance image.

Luminance = 105 minutes binned 1x1

Red = 30 minutes binned 2x2

Green = 30 minutes binned 2x2

Blue = 30 minutes binned 2x2

Minimum credit line: John Beswetherick/Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF