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If you cannot attend an Overnight Telescope Observing Program, you can request advanced imaging work be performed on our research grade telescopes.


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Imaging Queue

Use our Imaging Queue Program for advanced imaging

KPVC Imaging Queue

The Imaging Queue is a great way for either amateur or professional astronomers to obtain CCD data on an object (or objects) of their choice without the costs and travel time associated with traveling to Kitt Peak. If you lack the equipment or time, or if you live in a heavily light polluted or cloudy area but are still interested in having your own images then this program is a terrific option for you. You determine the type of data, how much and what data is taken. This data can either be for a picture or used for scientific purposes.

Five types of image data are possible: Grayscale, Short LRGB, Medium LRGB, Long LRGB, and Scientific. The first four are varying degrees of picture data, whereas the last option is for scientific work such as the study of exoplanets, variable stars, asteroid searches, etc.

We will attempt to collect your data within the month depending on our preexisting telescope schedule, phase of the Moon and weather conditions. Image processing generally occurs within 2 months from the time of your request. Scientific data is taken on the next scheduled night, depending upon weather conditions and instrument schedule. Expedited requests can sometimes be honored for an additional fee.

Two cameras are available for taking data: the SBIG ST-6303 and the SBIG ST-402, as well as two telescopes: RC20 and RC16. We will be happy to discuss details of our equipment and capabilities and do our best to meet your needs.

Rates ($100 per hour)

  • Grayscale
  • Short LRGB
  • Medium LRGB
  • Long LRGB
  • Scientific Data
Image Queue
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