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Astrophotography Education

Participate in our introduction and intermediate astrophotography classes

Intro to Astrophotography

Learn the basics of astro-imaging

Learn how to capture the beauty of the heavens at the world-renowned Kitt Peak National Observatory! The Introduction to Astrophotography workshop is meant for those who are ready to take their first steps into the world of astrophotography and image processing. We will introduce you to the different aspects of the hobby; from planetary and solar imaging to landscape astrophotos and finally, deep space astrophotography. Our hands-on program will teach you the basics of image capture through digital processing, with equipment suggestions for every budget and tips from our experienced astrophotographers. At the end of this three day workshop, everyone will leave with their own beautiful images to take home, along with the knowledge to continue their astrophotography journey.

This program is free to members of the Tohono O'odham Nation.

Topics Covered
  • Types of Astrophotography
    • Deep sky
    • Planetary Lunar
    • Solar
    • Landscape astrophotos
  • Equipment Basics
    • Using what you have
    • Tips for getting started
    • Making the most of your budget
  • Data Acquisition - Hands on at the KPVC Scopes!
  • Intro to Processing Software
    • Registax
    • DeepSkyStacker
    • StarTools

Intermediate Astrophotography

Learn intermediate techniques for photo processing

Kitt Peak is proud to offer our Intermediate Astrophotography Workshop. This workshop was created specifically for amateur astrophotographers who are familiar with basic imaging techniques and want to expand their knowledge by focusing on deep space astrophotography. At this workshop, our talented astrophotographers will teach participants how to capture the wonder that is deep space utilizing advanced concepts, including equipment selection/optimization, shooting monochromatic to get color, narrowband imaging, and processing using PixInsight. Gain the tools necessary to consistently acquire quality images and make the most of every night!

This program is free to members of the Tohono O'odham Nation.

Topics Covered
  • Making the most of clear skies
    • Target Selection and Planning
    • Backyard vs Remote Imaging
    • Resource Hour - highlighting the best online tools/tutorials
  • Advanced Equipment/CCD Theory
    • Telescope selection and considerations of each
    • CMOS/CCDs
    • Shooting mono to get color
    • Narrowband imaging
    • Focusers
    • OAG/ONAG
    • Rotators
    • Automation
  • Data Acquisition - Hands on at the KPVC Scopes!
  • Image processing with PixInsight

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