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Telescope mounts and drives wear out with the near-daily heavy use. Guests seek views through larger aperture telescopes. We need your help!


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Telescope Fund

You can help us replace and upgrade heavily-used Visitor Center telescopes

Visitor Center Telescope Fund Drive

Not funded by the US Government, the Kitt Peak Visitor Center is in the very challenging situation of relying upon earned income to support its operations. We are barely able to achieve this. However, whenever we have to make a major purchase like a telescope, the only way we can afford to replace it is to raise the money through generous contributions like yours.

Our telescopes are intensely used by visitors in all three of our nighttime programs, often from sunset to sunrise in a very demanding mountaintop environment, resulting in the occasional need to replace some equipment.

Millions of people have visited Kitt Peak, the world's largest working astronomical observatory. Tens of thousands of people have marveled at the wonders of the night sky through our evening stargazing programs, and thousands of school children get to experience this national treasure, inspiring them to look up at the night sky and wonder, and perhaps later choose a career path in the sciences.

Please help us to continue our programs by giving what you can to our telescope-replacement fund.

Your contribution is Tax Deductible

Our goal is to Raise $126,000

The names of those who donate $100 or more will be added to the donor plaque on the telescope.

Those who donate $500 will be invited to a special first-light star party once the telescope is operational.

The National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) is the administrative unit that operates Kitt Peak National Observatory, along with several other major observatories. NOAO is part of AURA, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. AURA works on behalf of the National Science Foundation, an agency of the US Government that funds a broad spectrum of scientific research on behalf of the American people, to operate major observatories including Kitt Peak. Your gift for the Kitt Peak Telescope Fund should be made payable to AURA. It will be held in a restricted account to be used only for the purpose of acquiring a new telescope for the Kitt Peak Visitor Center.

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How to Donate

Persons wishing to learn more about donating can do so by contacting William Buckingham 520-318-8163 or email: WBuckingham

Please make checks out to AURA and mail to:

NOAO attn: William Buckingham, Visitor Center Manager

950 N. Cherry Ave.

Tucson, Az 85719

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