WIYN Telescope Time

The WIYN 3.5m telescope is currently being commissioned at KPNO. Even at this early stage, WIYN is routinely producing sub-arcsecond images and has produced sub-half-arcsecond images. Ultimately, this state-of-the-art alt-az telescope will have a wide-field CCD Imager and wide-field multi-object fiber spectrograph (MOS/Hydra) mounted at its two Nasmyth foci. When science operations being, NOAO will be allocated 40% of WIYN telescope time by the WIYN (Wisconsin-Indiana-Yale-NOAO) Consortium. Science operations are expected to commence on 1 March 1995, although it is still possible that the start of science operations will be delayed.

KPNO will accept proposals for the WIYN "shared-risk" observing period to begin no sooner than 1 March 1995, and extending through 31 July 1995. The deadline for proposals will the the normal KPNO spring semester proposal deadline of 30 September 1994. Proposers should use the standard KPNO observing proposal form, with an additional WIYN queue observing program attachment to provide details for queue observations. Proposals for the observing period 1 August 1995 - 31 January 1996 will be due on 31 March 1995. Complete instructions will be found as part of the Kitt Peak proposal instructions package.