Arrival in Tucson

The NOAO Tucson Office, located at 950 N. Cherry, is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. If you need assistance upon your arrival, please check in with the Kitt Peak Support Office (318-8279, Room 172). We may be holding mail or messages for you, or we may need some information from you about your run before you depart to the mountain.

After-Hours Arrival in Tucson

If you are arriving at the NOAO Tucson Office after-hours or on a weekend or holiday (see the list of NOAO Holidays, and need to get into the building, this is how to do it: In advance, notify the Kitt Peak Support Office (520-318-8279) of your approximate arrival time. Security will not let you into the building unless advance notification has been received. At the Cherry Avenue (west) entrance of  NOAO, you will find a telephone handset by the door to call security. Instructions for its use are posted beside it. The Security Officer will let you into the building after presenting your identification.

Alternatively, from an outside line you can call the Security Officer directly at 520-312-4067. You can leave your telephone number for the person on duty to call you back if your call goes to voicemail.

The NOAO Headquarters office will be closed for major holidays. Please consult the list of NOAO Holidays for which the Tucson headquarters and mountain reception office are closed.

Updated September 11, 2018