Kitt Peak Tenant Newsletter

No. 5 January 19, 2012
KPNO Director’s Office 520-318-8279 Facilities (520) 318-8106 Fax (520) 318-8487
950 N. Cherry Avenue • P.O. Box 26732, Tucson, Arizona 85726
www.noao.edu • Phone: 520-318-8000


Timothy C. Beers

Director, Kitt Peak National Observatory

This edition of the Kitt Peak Tenant Newsletter includes updates on a range of items of interest to all of the observatories that share the top of Kitt Peak. Please feel free to ask questions about any of the items covered within or if there are any issues or other concers that you would like to request information on. Please respond to Nanette Bird (nbird at noao.edu) regarding any issues and she will direct your email to the appropriate person for respoonse.
For news about NOAO or KPNO news since our last tenant newsletter please see our recent general NOAO/NSO newsletters or NOAO Currents announcements.

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