Aida Behmard (NOAO; Yale University)
“RESOLVEā€™d AGN: Refining Active Galactic Nuclei Classification Techniques”
Advisor: Dara Norman

Kirsten Blancato (NOAO; Wellesly College)
“Using Morphology to Identify Galaxy Mergers at High Redshift”
Advisor: Jeyhan Kartaltepe

Jeanine Chmielewski (NOAO; Michigan Technology University)
“A Light Pollution Assessment of Tucson, AZ”
Advisor: Stephen Pompea

Nicholas Kutsop (NOAO; Northern Arizona University)
“Analysis of the Photometric Accuracy of the PhAst IDL Procedure”
Advisors: Lori Allen & Ken Mighell

Rachel Nydegger (NOAO; Utah State University)
“Studying Light Polution In and Around Tucson, AZ”
Advisor: Connie Walker

Rachel Smullen (NOAO; University of Wyoming)
“Finding Satellite Galaxies of ESO 243-49”
Advisor: Janine Pforr

There are also REU programs at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) and at the National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, NM. The National Science Foundation maintains a complete list of REU programs from around the country and in a wide variety of content areas, including astronomy.