Tahlia De Maio (University of Colorado-Boulder)
“Low Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars in the Cluster Around 25 Ori”
Dr. Bill Sherry

David Flateau (University of Cinncinati)
“Elemental Abundance in Planet-Bearing Solar-Type Stars”
Dr. Simon Shuler

Erica Jones (Louisiana State University)
“Near IR Light Profiles of Massive Elliptical Galaxies at z~1”
Dr. Jennifer Lotz

Evan Kaplan (Vassar College)
“The Search for Planetary Nebulae in M31 Globular Clusters”
Dr. George Jacoby

Stephen Messenger (University of Missouri)
“A Template-Independent Technique for Obtaining Photometric Redshift Estimates For Sub-Millimeter Galaxies”
Dr. Alexandra Pope

Edward Montiel (University of Arizona)
“Flickering Giants in the Ursa Minor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy”
Dr. Kenneth Mighell

There are also REU programs at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) and at the National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, NM. The National Science Foundation maintains a complete list of REU programs from around the country and in a wide variety of content areas, including astronomy.