Telluric Reference Stars for Cerro Pachon

This set of files contain lists of hot stars (spectral type O-B-A and early F stars) kindly provided by Jeff Valenti (STScI). These stars are suggested as telluric spectrum references with Phoenix. The stars have been selected from the Bright Star Catalog with a limiting magnitude of 3.0. The files are labeled by LST. The contents of the file give the airmass for each star as observed at Cerro Pachon at that LST.

Our experience is that telluric constituents that are well mixed, e.g. CO, CO2, N2O, CH4, etc. will ratio out of program star spectra if the reference star is observed at the same airmass on the same date. However, H2O is not well mixed in terrestrial atmosphere and does not always scale as the airmass. In order to guarantee that the H2O lines can be removed reference stars should be observed bracketing the airmass of the program star.

We have not investigated the infrared spectrum of each star in these lists to eliminate peculiar objects. Also note that spectra of hot stars do have spectral features in the infrared, most significantly hydrogen and helium lines. Additional information on the spectra of stars in the infrared throughout the K, H, and J bands can be found in:

The telluric spectrum in the 1-5 micron infrared is show at high resolution in Hinkle, Wallace, & Livingston 1995 "Infrared Atlas of the Arcturus Spectrum, 0.9-5.3 microns," ASP.

Files by LST

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Posted: 09Dec1999