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Moon commissioning image

The NOAO/KPNO Mosaic-1.1 (8K x 8K CCD) Wide Field Imager

Moon commissioning image

Mosaic 1.0 is now Mosaic 1.1!


The Mosaic 1 imager has been upgraded during the summer of 2010 and has been recommisioned this fall. The science grade SITE CCDs have been replaced with more sensitive E2V CCDs and the well used ARCON controllers have been replaced with MONSOON controllers. These web pages are in the process of being updated. A new version of the manual can be found below, as can a quick reference page on the new CCDs. Please contact Heidi Schweiker or Tod Lauer for information you need about the new upgraded Mosaic 1.1 that you are not yet able to find on these pages. The Mosaic 1.1 upgrade project web pages contains additional information about the upgrade project and the new version of the instrument. 

Information about the previous version of Mosaic, Mosaic 1.0, can be found via the older web pages.


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Images from Mosaic 1.1

Sharpless 2-188 NGC 1999

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