Lightning Shutdown Procedure

When a lightning storm approaches:

  1. Shutdown software using "nocs stop all".
  2. Power off the MONSOON DHE using the power switch on the top of the power supply.
  3. Disconnect the AC power cord from the MONSOON DHE.
  4. Power off the MSE box by disconnecting the AC power cord. (this was not done in the old procedure but seems prudent to me..)
  5. Disconnect the air hose to the instrument. Cover the air hose port on the instrument with the dummy filter/plug to keep moisture out.
  6. Unplug MOSAIC power strip from the telescope power. Note: this will power off the temperature controller and thus focal plate temperature regulation.

When the lightning storm clears, restore the instrument for use:

  1. Plug in the MOSAIC power strip to clean telescope power.
  2. Connect AC power to the MSE box.
  3. Connect AC power cord to the MONSOON DHE, turn on power switch.
  4. Remove the plug from the compressed air input nozzle on the side of MOSAIC and reconnect the air supply hose.
  5. Re-start software using "nocs start all".
  6. Test MSE functionality (filters, shutter, ADC) using the MCCD GUI.
  7. Check the temperature controller heaters are on using the "Mosaic Temperatures" web page. Note, the focal plate temperature may be below normal operating point since the temperature controller was switched off.
  8. Take test exposures and check CCD operation. (Do we want to run any "standard" health checks here? Scripts for bias levels, RN, etc.?)

by Heidi Schweiker