Properties of the SITe CCDs in Mosaic I

Science grade SITe CCDs (thinned, AR coated, dual amplifier) were installed in the KPNO Mosaic during June 1998 and tested at the 4-m in July 1998. This page describes some of the main properties of these CCDs.

Quantum Efficiency: Average for all 8 CCDs

A table of the QE values is also available.

Quantum Efficiency: Differences from the Average

A Flat-Field: 4-m R-band Flat

Here is a dome flat of the array, taken at the 4-m by Taft in July 1998. The cosmetics of the array are excellent, but you can see some large scale low amplitude (5-15%) QE variations, especially in chip 6 (top row, second from left).