IR Instrument Control System


Software Developer Commands

ed procName - ed allows the developer to create new procedures and edit already existing ones. If the procedure already exists, it is saved to disk and the developer's editor is run on it. If the procedure does not exist, a new blank procedure is created and the editor is run on it. In either case, once the editor terminates, the file is read back in.

(see save editor automkindex.)

editor fileName - editor will run the developer's editor on a given filename. It will check the value of the EDITOR environmental variable, and if it exists, use that editor; otherwise it assumes vi. A new window is created to edit the file, and when the editor exits, the window is destroyed. In the case of epoch, it creates it's own window, so no window is created for it.

err - err will print out error traceback information.

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Posted: 23Mar98