IR Instrument Control System


Starting The IR system.

To start the IR system you should first log into the observer account "ir50inch ", "ir2meter" or "ir4meter" on the telescope IR data machine. (berry at the 50", royal at the 2 meter or cocoa at the 4 meter). Once logged in start the window system you wish to use by typing " st " for suntools or " op " for openwindows. The console screen should end up looking approximately like figure 1. below.

console screen

Figure 1.

To start the system move to the "IRAF Gterm" window and type "goiraf". Then move the cursor to the "instrument control" window and follow the startup procedures in Appendix 1. Normally you will only need to type " powerup INSTRUMENT " where INSTRUMENT is the name of the instrument to be started. (COB, CRSP, IRIM or SQIID). NoTe: These commands are case sensitive. type " powerup COB".

You will then be asked if the power to the instrument has been turned on, at this point turn on instrument power and type <return> . A series of messages will be displayed relating to the downloading of the configuration of the IR system followed by a second question asking if you want windows, answer this question with a " y " and <return> . The instrument programs will then be downloaded. Appendix 2 contains output appropriate to a successful startup of each instrument. The downloading process should complete with a " % " prompt.

When the " % " prompt appears type " setup instrument " to load a standard voltage setup and microcode into the instrument. It is important that this be done as soon as possible after the power is turned on. The process of downloading code can leave the detector in an indeterminate state until a setup is completed. This can effect observing for several hours in some instruments.

The remainder of this document outlines the available user commands and how to use help.

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Posted: 23Mar98