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Opening Check-list

Turning On the Telescope

  1. Turn the key for main power.
  2. Ascertain that ``drive amplifier" (rather than ``drive line") is selected.
  3. Ascertain that the digit switches are set to 60.000
  4. Turn ``drives switch" to ``on".
  5. Set the Right Ascension setting circle so it reads the correct LST. (Use the LST clock or call the 2.1m operator at x330.)
  6. Check that the voltage pot for the TV camera is turned all the way down (full CCW).
  7. Turn on power to the TV camera using the power supply affixed to the side of the telescope.
  8. Turn on leaky memory unit and TV monitor.
  9. Reset the shutter and filter-wheel logic by pressing the white ``STD reset" button on the the filter interface power supply box attached to the CCD mount.
  10. Ascertain that the lower clam shell is open (large wheel near the telescope base).

To Open the Dome

  1. Using the hand-paddle, position the dome to due E if it is pointing elsewhere.
  2. Using the ladder, carefully plug in the cord to the outlet marked ``shutter".
  3. Flip the rightmost switch to the right to open the upper shutter.

  4. Once the upper shutter has risen a few feet, open the lower shutter by flipping the leftmost switch to the right.
  5. The lower shutter is open when the sound changes abruptly; turn the leftmost switch off.
  6. Once the shutters have stopped moving, turn the switches off, and unplug and coil the cable.
  7. Uncover the telescope.
  8. Uncover the guider telescope.

To Move the Telescope

The telescope is usually moved to its new position by unclamping the telescope in one axis, maneuvering by hand until approximately correct, and then repeating the operation for the opposite axis. However, if the telescope is in an awkward position, we recommend that you instead move the telescope using the ``slew" setting on the hand-paddle rather than attempt to deal with the situation perched on a ladder. The final adjustment of the telescope position should be done with the hand-paddle in either case.


  1. Unclamp the telescope in one axis only using either pair of switches (located on opposite sides of the telescope).
  2. Grab the telescope using one of the large clamshell wheels (not the finder or guide telescopes!) and carefully maneuver the telescope to its new position.
  3. Recamp the telescope (must be done with same switch).
  4. Repeat the operation for the other axis.
  5. Move the telescope to the final position using the hand-paddle.
NOTE: If the telescope does get away from you, you can reclamp it by simply TURNING OFF THE KEY.

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