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The Burrell Schmidt telescope is a 0.61-m f/3.5 telescope with a plate-scale of 96.6"/mm. It can be used either with the direct CCD camera (on a Newtonian port) or with photographic plates. Objective prisms are available for low-dispersion spectroscopy. The corrector of the Burrell Schmidt is figured to provide seeing-limited images over the wavelength range 3500-11000Å.

The Burrell Schmidt is operated manually rather than by computer aid, with setting circles rather than encoders. (An auto-guider does allow the astronomer to spend his/her time on more useful activities than hand-guiding!)

The Burrell Schmidt is owned by the Case Western Reserve University, and publications that result should carry the following footnote in addition to the standard NOAO/AURA credit byline:

Observations made with the Burrell Schmidt of the Warner and Swasey Observatory, Case Western Reserve University.
Mon Apr 3 09:15:22 MST 1995