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Closing Check-list

  1. Turn off the TV power supply.
  2. Move the telescope to its storage position ( declination; 6 hrs to the west).
  3. Install covers.
  4. If the rain is likely then:

  5. Rotate the dome to due E.
  6. Using the ladder, carefully plug in the cord to the outlet marked ``shutter".
  7. Flip the leftmost switch to the left to close the lower shutter.
  8. Once the lower shutter has begun closing it is safe to begin closing the upper shutter. Flip the rightmost switch to the left.

  9. Once the sound of the lower shutter motion changes, it is completely closed; turn off the switch.
  10. If the lower shutter cannot finish closing because the upper shutter has come down too far, you must raise the upper shutter until it is clear, finish closing the lower shutter, and then close the upper shutter.
  11. Once the upper shutter is done closing, turn off its switch.
  12. Unplug and coil the cable.
  13. Turn the drive switch to ``off".
  14. Turn off the key.
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