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3.2 Outline of Reducing Multi-Slit Data

Reducing multi-slit data is relatively straightforward using IRAF tasks, although the process is not as automatic as in the simple cases of single objects on slits. We give below an outline of how we reduce our own data. A more complete description can be found in the manual:

A User's Guide to Multislit Spectroscopic Reductions with IRAF
E. Ellingson
November 1, 1989

The complete document is only available in paper copy from the Tucson IRAF office. It is also available, without plots, from the IRAF FTP archive using "ftp" in the file /iraf/iraf/docs/ . Due to some problem in the PostScript file, the complete manual can not be viewed on Mosaic. The document is somewhat dated as several of the IRAF tasks have changed since it was written but the basic outline of the reduction procedure is still valid. The details below differ slightly from those shown in this manual. Feel free to contact,, or for more advice on these issues.

We will explicitly note some of the important parameters below, but one should read through the help pages and make sure that all settings are sensible before proceeding.
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