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2.2 MSLIT - A Program to Design Multi-Slit Aperture Plates

MSLIT currently resides on the UNIX machine BigX and can be accessed by typing "/usr/local/bin/t". If "/usr/local/bin/" is in your path, typing "t" should be suffice. Users should contact Jim De Veny for special instructions before using the program. The program runs under a UNIX shell script procedure with the execution time usually being sufficiently short that it can be thought of as "semi-interactive". FORTRAN-77 and the NCAR plot routines are used. The most satisfactory approach, especially for first time users, is to run the trial solutions over the network. Users should contact Jeannette Barnes or Central Computer Services for a visitor account before attempting to run the program over InterNet. The program should be run from an xterm window or a xgterm window. For hardcopy to a LaserWriter, the UNIX environment variables are used and the printer option should be set with the UNIX setenv command. For example, 'setenv PRINTER lw7' will send the output to lw7.
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