Figure 1: Making a 300 second exposure of type ``object".

Figure 2: A sample run of doobs, where we requested five dome flats taken through each of 3 filters, with a different exposure time corresponding to each filter.

Figure 3: Parameter file for detpars

Figure 4: The command ccdinfo produces a listing of the current parameters in effect, and reminds you of the gain.

Figure 5: The rather uninteresting parameter file instrpars

Figure 6: An example of obspars is shown.

Figure 7: The parameters for telpars contain the focus parameters. Note that most of these are more easily entered during during the queries in an actual focus exposures.

Figure 8: A focus run centered upon a typical focus value (4800) with a reasonable step size (-20).

Figure 9: Parameters for mscwfits.

Figure 10: Running obsinit will reset all the parameters back to their default values.

24 Aug 00