Figure 5: Parameter files for instrpars.

cl> lpar instrpars
      filter1 = "B"             Filter in wheel one
      (wheel1 = "")             Filter info. pset for wheel one\n\n# SELECTING F
  (setfilters = "yes")          Query and set filters?\n\n# SETTING FOCUS FOR EA
    (setfocus = "yes")          Query and set focus?
 (temperature = 10.)            Telescope temperature (C)
   (basefocus = INDEF)          Telescope focus base value
     (reftemp = 10.)            Telescope temperature for base focus value (C)
    (tfrcoefs = "")             Coeficients of Temperature-Focus relationship\n\n
    (tv1focus = 0.)             Focus for camera 1
    (tv2focus = 0.)             Focus for camera 2\n\n# SHUTTER READY POSITION
(shutter_read = "auto")         Position of shutter when NOT exposing\n
   (instrname = "mosaic")       Instrument name
        (mode = "ql")