Figure 10: Running obsinit will reset all parameters back to their default values.

OBSINIT deletes all images and files, and replaces the startup files.
  There is a prompt later if you want to only replace the files.

  Initialize the 'wiyn_ccd' account? (yes): yes

  OBSINIT needs to kill any netscape windows now to avoid turning
  them into zombie processes later.

  Kill 'wiyn_ccd' account netscape windows? (yes): 

The names of the observers and the KPNO/NSO proposal IDs are needed
  by the NOAO archive to preserve the paper trail.  Please enter the
  names of the ACTUAL OBSERVERS for this run, separated by commas.
  SPELLING & CAPITALIZATION count.  First names & initials may be used.

  Observer(s): Armandroff & Massey

PLEASE CHECK THE PROPOSAL ID CAREFULLY (see the posted copy of the
  observing schedule).  Note that special projects (e.g., synoptic
  or queue observing) may have non-numeric proposal IDs.

  Proposal ID: 99ZQV-083

OBSINIT thinks node 'navajo' means the minimosaic configuration.

Enter the imdir directory name (HDR$pixels/): 

Default interrupt characters are ^Z(eof), ^X(susp) (not UNIX standard).
  Change these to the standard values ^D(eof), ^Z(susp) instead? (no): yes

OBSINIT replaces a large number of the observer's unix and iraf
  configuration files while defining the complete appearance of
  all of the acquisition and reduction windows.

  Do you also want to DELETE ALL IMAGES AND FILES? (yes): yes

    ...deleting the images and files, be patient
    ...restoring the default login and startup files
    ...restoring the observing scripts package
    ...configuring wiyn_ccd account for minimo
    ...unpacking minimosaic observing account snapshot (ver 1999-10-14)
    ...updating observer and propid

Logout and login again for all of these changes to take effect.