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1.1 About This Manual

This manual brings together all of the ``astronomer information" about low-to-moderate resolution (R<5000) optical spectroscopy at Kitt Peak in order to (1) make it easier to write an observing proposal, and (2) to have one convenient reference for the astronomer at the telescope.

This manual covers the 4-m RC Spectrograph, the 4-m Cryogenic Camera (``CryoCam"), and the 2.1-m GoldCam spectrometer. We also include some data here for the multi-object fiber positioner Hydra used with the Bench Spectrograph at the WIYN 3.5-m telescope, although complete information on this will be found in a separate manual described below. We do not discuss high dispersion optical spectroscopy in this manual, but instead refer the reader to the appropriate manuals for the 4-m Echelle spectrograph and the Coude Feed spectrograph.

Updated: 2Sep1996