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Running ICE from a VT640

If for some reason you need to run ICE from a VT640 terminal (which is a VT100 terminal with ``RETRO-GRAPHICS" printed below it), you can do just about everything that doesn't require the ximtool window. Log on to the correct machine using the same account and password. If you want to run ICE/CCD commands, start IRAF by typing ``cl". However, if you want the same parameters as you have been using for reductions, first do a cd reduce, then a cl, followed by a cd.) When IRAF starts itself, you may get the message ``setting terminal type to xgterm...", followed by a pause, and the statement ``timeout---terminal type set wrong? (`stty termtype' to reset)" So do exactly that by typing

stty vt640

You will find that all the ICE commands work fine, including the implot plotting commands, but if you attempt to address the ximtool window you will either get an error message or (if someone else is using the main console) write over what is in the ximtool window of the main console.)
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