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Safe Taping

  NOTE: Prior to Version 2.10.1 of IRAF arriving on the mountain, we experienced a number of unpleasant difficulties with tape writing. With the current version of IRAF and ICE these problems appear to have been solved. However, these troubled times reminded us all of the importance of ``safe taping" practices. We remind the observer that s/he, and s/he alone, is responsible for keeping one's bits safe. We recommend the following before deleting any data from disk:
  1. Each night write data to whatever media you like using wfits.
  2. Read the tape using rfits mta make- old+ to substantiate everything is there.
  3. Deallocate the drive, remove the tape, and stick it under your pillow.
  4. Make a second copy of your tape. (This tape could be an accumulative copy of the data throughout your run.) Check this tape with rfits!
  5. Only now delete the data from disk if necessary.

You may also wish to use alterative means of getting your data home. See Section D.
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