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The Standard Command

The following command can be used to place a star down any user specified fibers (specified by position along the slit).

Note, however, that this command may park some extended fibers in order to get the desired fiber positioned to field center. Rerun the setup field command to reconfigure the displaced fibers making sure that you keep the same values for the sidereal time and duration of the observations otherwise, all of the fibers may be slightly repositioned instead of just those that were parked.



to execute a procedure for putting a single star down the fiber of the currently selected cable.

You will be prompted for the slit position that you desire. A FOP will then be moved into the field center for centering and focusing the telescope on the star.

You will then search for a guide star with the gripper TV using the arrow keys in the same manner as the cruise command (see page gif). Note that preceding the arrow keys with a zero will cause the gripper to move in steps comparable to the TV field of view.

After that is complete, the command will park the FOP and move in the fiber corresponding to the selected slit position for the observation.

The gripper will then return to the guide star location for closed loop guiding during the observation.

Sam Barden
Tue Aug 29 16:45:05 MST 1995