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The Setup Observe Command


To set the instrument ready for observations, type

setup observe

or click on the appropriately labeled button in the graphics display.

Note that this command is only valid after a field has been configured with the setup field command.

The program will make sure that the plate is warped, the comp lamps are off, and that the screen is out of the way. It will then ask if you are ready to move the instrument rotator into position. After that, the gripper will move to field center for initial field acquisition. You will then be allowed to view fibers or objects with the gripper TV. (Unfortunately, you must stick with the menu driven view process as we don't yet have the graphics view control interlaced with the setup observe command.)

While viewing some fibers, it may be necessary to tweak the rotator offset angle. There is a -0.5 degree instrumental offset that must currently be manually corrected for. The OT can assist in making this adjustment. We will automatically compensate for this offset in the next version of the software.

When finished viewing and aligning on the field, the gripper will be moved to an unobstructing position and the stage motors will be disabled to minimize vibration and heat generation during the observations.

The OT should then fire up the guider which will center the FOPS stars and will optimize the rotational alignment.

Sam Barden
Tue Aug 29 16:45:05 MST 1995